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Ahaan enhances easy search for data across all your company's apps.

How Ahaan is supercharging leading global enterprises

AI-enhanced workplace search.

  • AI-driven workplace search solution, utilizes deep learning-based LLMs to enable semantic comprehension of natural language queries.
  • Ahaan learns from your organization's specific language, enhancing search accuracy without requiring manual adjustments.
  • Our AI is grounded in your company's data, driving enhanced workplace productivity.

Tailored outcomes and knowledge exploration.

  • Ahaan creates a customized knowledge base for your company, capturing insights on individuals, content, and interactions to deliver personalized results.
  • Proactively recommends relevant information based on your current tasks, mentions, even before you initiate a search.
  • In case of missing information, Ahaan identifies and connects you with the experts in your company who can provide assistance.

ChatGPT tailored for businesses.

  • Converse with an assistant that provides insights, analysis, and summaries from all your documents, conversations, and more.
  • Uncover insights and trace the source of answers with complete referencing, supported by the leading business search technology.
  • Providing the security, privacy, and permission-awareness of chats and results with full trust.

User-friendly and ready to use from the start.

  • Quick setup that scales to meet the needs of even the largest enterprises, without the need for professional services.
  • Ahaan seamlessly integrates with other apps you use, respecting existing permissions to deliver comprehensive results.
  • Ahaan provides hosting choices that adhere to your company's data and security policies.

Ahaan improves work for every team

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